"With a story you can get far": story gathering and press attention for the Northword project across the Gulf of Bothnia

In November project managers from Kvarken Council and Region Västerbotten led a successful joint workshop introducing the project and giving tips on how to tell a story well.


Ann-Sofi Backgren (Kvarken Council) introduced the Northword project, then Kajsa Åberg (Region Västerbotten) presented how storytelling can be used by place-based activities, giving examples from the food and tourism sector. Following this two representatives from the Nordic Storytelling Center (Nordisk berättarcentrum) in Sweden presented attendees with the basics of what a story is and how to put it together in an enticing way that captures others.


The Northword project has been well reported in the local press, as seen in this article www.vasabladet.fi/Artikel/Visa/414775A. The headline reads "A new project collects stories about Kvarken. Ann-Sofi Backgren: "people remember stories better than details", and the subheader "With a story you can get far. It's old knowledge. Now stories will attract tourists to Kvarken".