Spreading the word in the north of Sweden

Sweden collecting and curating stories from local entrepreneurs and organization

The Swedish partner Region Västerbotten Turism focuses on collecting and curating place based stories from local entrepreneurs and organizations. During the summer vacation 2021, a story has been published on the project's Facebook and Instagram accounts each Thursday. Stories ranging from love and death in the mountains and the skerries that were a world have been shared with this broad audience in order to create an interest in the upcoming web of StoryTagging and Northword and also to inspire more storytelling people in Västerbotten to engage in the project. The project manager Kajsa Åberg has also shared information about the strong feature of humour in the Västerbotten storytelling tradition and related storytelling events in the region. In the months to follow, further work will be performed to strengthen the use of stories in creative ways among the SMEs engaged in sustainable development together with Region Västerbotten Turism.