Annexet Gamla Fängelset, a prison or a hotel?

In Umeå in Sweden the hotel Annexet Gamla Fängelset has used the story of the building as a unique marketing angle

The Swedish project partner spent the day behind bars... together with local videographers and Ingela who submitted a story about the old cell prison in Umeå to Northword.

In 1861 this was a very modern building, offering separate rooms for all inmates. Due to a big fire in 1888 it is now the oldest remaining stone building in Umeå, serving as a hotel with an exhibition about its past. Ingelas story is published on the Northword web together with other stories from Västerbotten. The filming today captured how Ingela brings the history to life for the guests who spend the night in the cells where not much has been changed.

However, the beds are probably a bit softer nowadays.